Our Lithium Battery Technology 


Scalable Capacity

The technology is conceived with simplicity in mind. 

The e-Bricks can be stack together easily like Lego to build battery system voltages and capacities requiered by each application. Up to 20 e-Bricks can be connected in parallel to increase capacity.

e-Brick Versions 24V & 48V

Sub-Zero Capabilities

Most lithium chemistry batteries cannot be charged in temperatures below 0 °C without causing irreversible loss of capacity or even a short circuit between the electrodes due to the accumulation of metallic lithium on the anode that occurs in such conditions.


Cold temperature charging just got easier with our unique low temperature series. For this reason, the e-Brick intelligence can "preheat" the battery before charging using an integrated heating system when the temperatures are below 0 ° C.

Libattion thinks about the future. We have developed a unique serviceable design. This allows for easy upgrades and reuse of components that are in good conditions after the first life. Therefore, not only contributes to the environment, but also offers more cost-effective solutions.

Upgradable Design

Unlimited Performance Guarantee

With Battery Subscription, fleet operators and OEMs of light electric vehicles and PV integrators receive an unlimited performance guarantee and thus increased availability of their systems. As a result, operators have no concerns about:

  • battery life 

  • battery replacement costs 

  • degradation of performance over time

  • battery logistics 

  • recycling issues

Battery Subscription Model

Advanced Intelligence

Current Batteries on the Market

Active Balancing

The e-Brick's active balancing algorithm extends the life cycle of batteries considerably reaching 2500 cycles, since the weakest cells are supported by the strongest cells. The capacity is also increased because the cells reach the lowest voltage at the same time, while with passive balancing the battery is cut-off by the weakest cell.


Fleet Management for PdM 

The unique communication unit specially designed for fleet machines and systems, measures all relevant data not only from the battery but also from your vehicle! The innovative analytics software evaluates the data for predictive maintenance (PdM) practices. 


  • Prediction of defects, avoiding expensive breakdowns

  • Prediction of lifetime, thus enabling targeted cost-efficient replacements

  • Most efficient charging process

  • Increased transparency and professionalism 

  • Exact planning of new investments/services

  • Improved operational safety and productivity

  • Increased flexibility

  • Possibility to significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness

  • Improved machine or system availability



We work with the FHNW, the BFH and the CSEM research institute to design and validate our products. We offer the highest Swiss standards and therefore offer not only product guarantees, but also attractive performance guarantees for all of our batteries, which are certified by recognized Swiss institutions.


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