Our innovative battery processing technology allows us to "upcycle" and reuse lithium batteries from e-bikes and electric vehicles. This improves the circular economy of the batteries and reduces the environmental impact. From used lithium batteries, a safe technology is developed that enables a business model that is resource-saving and economically feasible. We partner with non-profit organisations and battery recycling companies by undertaking initiatives such as battery upcycling and energy optimization projects. Our Sustainable Development Goals are:

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Best Value

The new modularity design reduces overall life cycle costs and matches perfectly the lifetime of the machine or system. The new design enables to replace battery modules more easily, rather than having to replace batteries altogether, which is significantly more expensive and time consuming. This is especially important considering the entire operating time of the machine or system.

If you want to minimize investment costs and get the most out of your budget, but still want to use industry-leading lithium batteries of the highest quality, then our smart e-Brick battery is the perfect solution for you!

Fleet Management for PdM 

The unique communication unit specially designed for fleet machines and systems, measures all relevant data not only from the battery but also from your vehicle! The innovative analytics software evaluates the data for prevention of damages and for predictive maintenance practices. This enables precise determination and prediction of entire machine health along the whole lifecycle in major industries and makes them ready networked.


Make your machines "Fleet Ready"! Fleet operators and rental fleet operators, service technicians and machine manufacturers or ups providers can plan and efficiently maintenance practices, control logistics processes for the use of electrically powered objects, which pays off in terms of improved efficiency. The data help to professionalize battery and fleet management as well as transparency. 

Battery Subscription Models

You want to concentrate fully on your logistics, without investing much capital in your own traction batteries? Or do you need a short-term bridging due to seasonal conditions? In both cases, renting batteries is more worthwhile than buying new ones. We offer the right energy solution for a fair rental price - fast, reliable and always available on call. It suits perfect with "pay-as-u-use" just by paying for each produced Kilowatt-hour, instead of purchasing the batteries. Reduce your business expenses while maximizing performance and expanding your capacity quickly and at short notice. Specially developed for fleet machines or stationary systems!

Service Contracts

Regular and preventive care guarantee optimum performance, high life expectancy and minimized downtime of your battery.

  • Individually coordinated maintenance intervals

  • Increased operational safety through safety check

  • Increased efficiency and predictable maintenance costs

  • Early detection of damage and thus minimization of expensive consequential damage

  • No long-term commitment, termination after each service inspection possible

  • Improvement of investment planning (for example replacement of battery or vehicle)

Plug and Play

The technology is conceived from the ground up with simplicity in mind. The e-Bricks can be installed in any light electric vehicle without complex procedures. The data aquisition can be commissioned within our own software or integrated to an existing one.  


We work with only selected battery cells from known suppliers, like Samsung, Panasonic or LG to ensure quality standards required for each application. We have being testing and cycling the cells in our lab for the last 4 years to ensure guaranteed life expectancy that matches your application.  

A Radically new Design

Libattion's battery design is based on a unique hardware and software technology that enables a simple stackable configuration for capacity match. The electronic module is separate from the battery modules, thus, saving up to 50% of the costs by the second purchase, since only the battery modules are replaced.  

Design Features

  • Stackable battery modules for capacity match and easy replacements

  • Remote fleet monitoring for PdM (predictive maintenance 4.0)

  • Powerful & extended lifecycle 

  • Vibration resistant 

  • Insensitive to temperature (cold and warm environments: -20 ° C to 50 ° C)

  • Reduced energy consumption 20-30% (minimal self-discharge)

  • No maintenance / no water re-filling

  • No gases, no fumes

  • Extended charge / fast charge (optional)


Fleet Battery Advantages


  • Prediction of defects, avoiding expensive breakdowns

  • Prediction of lifetime, thus enabling targeted cost-efficient replacements

  • Most efficient charging process

  • Increased transparency and professionalism in the field of battery management

  • Exact planning of new investments/services

  • Improved operational safety and productivity

  • Increased flexibility

  • Possibility to significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness

  • Improved mschine availability




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