Upcycled Batteries as an Option

Recieving Lithium Batteries

We work together with the only approved battery recycling company from Switzerland. We test only "high performance" Li-ion batteries. The batteries are visually inspected and checked before being disassembled and tested. 



At this point, the batteries are carefully disassembled, separated from the housing and the electrical components, and checked for possible damage. This task is only carried out by trained personnel under strict safety regulations.


Testing & Selection

We have developed a standardized testing & selection methodology (patent pending) which comprises the detailed analysis of degradation, re-utilization and safety requirements for further utilization. The batteries are tested and selected in our"state of the art" testing facilities.  



After the selection, the cells are mounted together to form new high-performance battery packs for the industrie. The 2nd-life battery modules are composed only by the best performance cells in order to ensure prolonged lifetime and enhanced power. 


1 e-Brick = 162kg CO2



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