Battery for Industrial Machines

Our modular lithium battery technology fits !

Ideal for:


Material Handling


Electric Tractor

Screen Shot 03-29-19 at 02.42 PM.PNG

Cranes and Lifting

Benefits of the e-Brick's:

24V & 48V 

  • Modularity - adapts to any application 

  • Reduced life cycle costs through unique upgradable design!

  • Connectivity with remote monitoring

  • Powerful up to 400 A continuously 

  • The robust housing is shock and vibration resistant

  • More control over the cloud-server and SOH

  • Portable design - easy and practical to carry and install


Benefits of Battery-as-a-Service (optional)

  • Unlimited product and performance guarantees

  • No payments up front

  • Predictive maintenance through remote monitoring of the batteries

  • Secure a stock of batteries at your premise, as spare parts

  • No additional transportation costs for repairs or replacements

  • No concerns about recycling costs

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