About Libattion

Libattion is a young Zurich-based company focused on integrating innovative cutting-edge technologies into electromobility and connectivity to accelerate the global transition to a more sustainable storage technology. We collaborate with research institutes to develop cutting-edge battery solutions. Libattion understands the unique needs of our partners - and offers proven solutions that help businesses succeed.


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Our vision is to provide the world with first-class sustainable lithium battery solutions through clean products. The focus relies on trust, responsibility and networked development.


Libattion develops and operates the most widely used, variable battery system for a variety of mobile applications.

Our mission and strategic decisions are based on environmental contributions. Our goals for sustainable business development are:

  • Improving circular economy by intelligent production and reuse of lithium batteries

  • Lower cost of service by increased reliability of batteries

  • Lower cost of product by intelligent management of batteries for extended lifecycle  

  • Responsible consumption and responsible production