About Libattion

Libattion is an innovative lithium battery provider accelerating the global shift to a more sustainable energy storage technology. We partner with Swiss industrial companies and reasearch institutes from Switzerland in order to developed more innovative and customized battery solutions. Libattion understands the unique needs of our partners—and offers proven solutions to help businesses thrive.


Our vision is to provide the world with first-class sustainable energy storage solutions through clean products. The focus relies on trust, responsibility and networked development.


Our mission and strategic decisions are based on environmental contributions. Our goals for sustainable business development are:

  • Improving circular economy by intelligent production and use of lithium batteries

  • Lower cost of service by increased reliability

  • Lower cost of product by intelligent management of batteries for extended lifecycle  

  • Provide affordable and clean energy sources

  • Responsible consumption and responsible production



Libattion GmbH

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