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Swappable battery packs for your Fleet

Track the State-of-Health (SoH) of your batteries and improve your KPI's


Our Battery Sharing Concept

Swappable Batteries

Fast Swapping Stations

In 30 seconds you get a fully charged battery!

For many applications: light electric vehicles & devices

Save your investment with Pay-Per-Use model 

With our Fast Swapping concept, fleet vehicles / systems will never run out of batteries. Once the batteries are empty, they can be swapped for a fully charged one within 30 seconds instead of waiting 2-3 hours to recharge. Therefore, increasing availability of vehicles / systems considerably. Our high-performance battery packs are made of copper-conductive materials, which extends performance by around 20% and at the same time increases operational reliability & safety.

Thanks to our unique IoT cloud-blockchain solution, we make batteries more accessible and enable a fair pay-per-use model, so that customers no longer have to invest in batteries, but pay for actual consumption. This gives us also more confidence in the service and offers much more transparency.

We offer tailor-made cloud monitoring solutions for customers who want to monitor the data of their fleets and enable them to bill their customers per rental basis (pay-per-use).


Recent Successful Project

Battery packs for traction of RV1 Model (Rikscha Taxi AG)

  • Application: Logistics of goods 

  • Scope: swappable battery packs for the new fleet of RV1

  • Mitigation of 9,7 tons of CO2

  • Reference:

Battery Features

What makes the e-Brick® unique


Modular for Cluster

Connect up to 10 batteries (20 kWh) in parallel to suit your application

3-Up's Design

Upgradable, Upcyclable, Upstanding


Robust BMS

Own BMS development to operate every application


The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and install

Unlimited Guarantee

We guarantee for life with our battery subscription models

Quality Materials

We use copper instead of nickel to increase life cycle and safety

Performance Tracking

With data control specially designed for remote monitoring and billing 


Swiss product: engineered and built in lovely Switzerland

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